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Choose from a wide selection of handguns, rifles & shotguns. Buy from us or purchase from another dealer and ship to us!


No matter your preferred caliber, we have your back. Spend less time hunting for ammo and spend more time shooting it.

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All Lemcoe Precision-made firearms are manufactured in the United States.

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Your continued support has allowed us to become a leading firearms and firearm accessories vendor in the north Fulton area.

Our Blog Articles

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What People say about us

“My wife and I have purchased many firearms, and accessories from “Lemcoe” and could not be happier with the service that we have received with each of our visits.”

Milo Wilson

Lemcoe Customer

“I bought 3 of my firearms from here and the staff provided a great service. During our first meeting, we ended up chatting – that man knows a lot about hunting.”

Steven Rose

Lemcoe Customer

“Great customer service and very friendly staff. You get educated answers as well as lots of quality firearms and accessories. It’s a perfect place to do business with, and I will be back again soon.”

Gilbert Martin

Lemcoe Customer
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