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At Lemcoe Precision, we focus on making the purchase of a silencer as straightforward and simple as possible. From product selection and eForm-filing to silencer mounting and firearm tuning, we will ensure you make the the purchase that suits your needs the most.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about silencers or the purchase process that comes with them.

ATF eForms Process

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Predicting the pace at which government agencies, like the ATF, operate is often uncertain. Currently, the exact speed increase for the Electronic Form 4 is unknown. However, drawing on our analysis of past electronic Form 4 processing times and the ongoing electronic Form 1 approvals, we anticipate that once the system is fully operational, the wait time for silencer transfer approvals could potentially decrease from the existing period of 10 months (or longer) to around 150 days.

The most noticeable adjustment for clients involves obtaining a username and personal identification number (PIN) from the ATF. To set up an eForms account, you should begin by accessing The ATF will issue a username (which is assigned by them, not chosen by you) and you will create your own password and PIN (selected by you, not assigned by them).

You will continue to provide us with your personal details, fingerprints, and photograph. The main difference lies with us, as we will now be responsible for submitting all your information electronically via the eForms website, resulting in a significantly shorter waiting period.

Implementing the ATF’s Electronic Form 4 is expected to significantly streamline the transfer process. With applicants or dealers inputting information directly online, the data is transmitted in real-time, bypassing the redundant steps of manual data entry and subsequent verification.

This means that submissions via Electronic Form 4 should reach the ATF immediately and be prepared for the approval workflow. The elimination of data entry from the timeline promises a reduction in overall processing duration.

Should you choose not to use the electronic filing method, the traditional paper submission remains available. If you prefer to submit your documents in paper format, this is absolutely possible, and Silencer Central is equipped to handle your paper submissions just as we have in the past. The anticipated wait time for the paper process will continue to align with the current timelines.

Indeed, we expect that the introduction of ATF eForms, especially eForm 4, will lead to a considerable reduction in waiting times.

What are silencers?

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The common misconception that silencers are prohibited has been largely dispelled among the American public. Silencers offer numerous advantages, including enhanced hunting experiences, the elimination of the need for hearing protection, decreased recoil, improved shooting accuracy, and the added benefit of noise reduction for the surrounding community. As the quickest expanding niche within the firearms sector, we have specialized solely in this market since 2005.

Owning a silencer comes with a multitude of advantages, such as:

  • Enhanced Hunting – Wildlife remains calmer, reducing the chances of being startled during hunts.
  • Recoil Mitigation – Noticeably decreases the kickback experienced during firing.
  • Improved Precision – Contributes to steadier aim and accuracy due to less recoil.
  • Noise Reduction – Minimizes disturbances to neighbors, family members, and pets.
  • Family-Friendly – Offers additional protection, making it safer for all family members, including children.

Our extensive expertise, spanning over a decade in the silencer market, reveals that customers typically seek three key features when they make their purchase:

  • Optimal Sound Suppression
  • Best Cost-Effectiveness
  • Lightest Weight for Ease of Use

In response to the high demand for these characteristics, we maintain a comprehensive selection of silencers in these categories. Additionally, we’re dedicated to meeting all your specific requirements and can acquire any brand of silencer you desire.

It’s important to be mindful while shopping that a higher price tag doesn’t always equate to superior noise reduction. Large-scale producers may sacrifice quality to increase production volumes and profits, resulting in higher costs for you but not necessarily better performance.

In reality, the quietness of silencers is not quite as portrayed in the movies, with the exception of the .22 rimfire models. When you use suppressors on other calibers, the sound levels are reduced to those between a .22 short and a .22 long round.  For detailed information, you can refer to our silencer sound comparison chart by caliber.

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