Training Staff

Lemcoe Precision, LLC employs best-in-class firearms experts that have decades’ worth of law enforcement experience, firearms training expertise, and gunsmithing abilities.


Jeff Fegreus
Law Enforcement Expert

Handgun Trainer

Jeff Fegreus provides personalized, one-on-one firearms, first aid, and emergency response training. Jeff has conducted hundreds of Stop The Bleed™ training sessions, First Aid certifications, and using his law enforcement background, can provide custom training solutions to agencies of all sizes. He is an NRA Certified Chief Range Officer.
Bill Goode
Emergency Responder


Bill Goode is a Front Sight Firearms Training Institute-trained instructor and has provided one-on-one and group training to tens of thousands of firearms owners. He specializes in self-defense training and emergency response, and is also an NRA-certified Chief Range Officer.
James Garner

Private Range Expert

James Garner has served as the Chief Range Officer at large, private gun clubs across the southeast and brings decades' of firearms training to Lemcoe Precision. He specializes in the design, management, and operation of large gun ranges.
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