When purchasing a silencer, short-barrel rifle (SBR), short-barrel shotgun (SBS), or AOW, the ATF requires the buyer to first complete a Form 4 that allows a dealer like Lemcoe Precision to transfer the device to you.

The Form 4 process has become somewhat controversial over the last decade, and numerous buyers around the country have become frustrated at the increasingly-long wait times (up to 220 days!), difficult-to-understand forms, and fingerprint requirements.

Lemcoe Precision has filed numerous ATF Form 4’s on behalf of customers and ensure that the process is as simple as possible for the buyer, providing 100% of the steps in a single visit.

ATF Form 4 Process:

1. Choose and purchase your silencer, SBR, or SBS.

This part is definitely the most-enjoyable aspect of any NFA purchase! With hundreds of silencer options for firearms of all shapes and sizes, it can be somewhat difficult to ensure that you’re choosing the right device. Lemcoe Precision has access to over 200 different models of silencers from over a dozen manufacturers, and we can make recommendations to ensure your shooting experience is maximized while staying within your budget.

For SBR’s and SBS’, Lemcoe Precision can also discuss how to decrease your ATF Form wait time by instead selling you the pistol variant of the rifle you wish to own, and instead filing an ATF Form 1 that converts the pistol into a registered short-barrel rifle. This way, instead of waiting 220+ days for your Form 4 to come back, you can take home the pistol the same day and wait 40-50 days for the ATF approval to convert it into a short-barrel rifle.

2. Determine Filing Status: Individual or Trust

This is where things start to get a little complicated. When filing Form 1 or Form 4s with the ATF, buyers are given the opportunity to elect to file as an individual, as a corporation, or as a revocable trust. Each option has pros and cons, but most of the differentiating factors involve:

  • What happens to your device(s) after you pass away?
  • Who can use and/or possess your device(s) when you are not present?
  • Does a notary public need to get involved?

Lemcoe Precision can prepare trust documents for you and any desired co-trustees.

3. Fingerprint Cards

You and any co-trustees on a trust must submit two (2) fingerprint cards, each, and either electronically transmit or physically mail them to the ATF. Lemcoe Precision will complete this process on-site and free of charge, ensuring the fingerprint cards are perfectly filled-out.

4. Passport-Style Photograph

The ATF requires a passport-style photograph to be included with all Form 4s. Lemcoe Precision will take this picture, print it, cut it, and include it with your Form 4 free of charge.

5. Notarize Trust (if applicable)

If in Step 2 you decided to establish a revocable trust, the trust must be notarized.

6. Fill Out Form 4

One of the easier parts of the process, filling out the Form 4 on the ATF’s eForms website requires some attention to detail and information related to your purchase. Lemcoe Precision will complete the entire form free of charge.

7. Pay $200 Tax Stamp

Prior to the submission of an ATF Form 4, buyers must make a $200 payment to the ATF either by check or credit card. Lemcoe Precision will charge you the $200 (without fees) at the time of purchase and submit this payment on your behalf.

8. Submit Form 4 With Fingerprints And Photo

Once all of the paperwork and addendums to your Form 4 have been completed, it is time to submit the form and mail any paper items (like fingerprint cards) to the ATF. Once again, Lemcoe Precision handles all of this on your behalf.

9. Wait In Line

Arguably the worst part of the entire process and the only step that Lemcoe Precision cannot help you with is the waiting period for receiving approved Form 4’s from the ATF. With the release of ATF eForms, these waiting periods are down from 370+ days, and are currently around 220 days at the time of this post.

Once your Form 4 has been approved and received by Lemcoe Precision, you can take your NFA device home and enjoy it!

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